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Recover Fast and Maintain Peak Performance

If you are suffering from tight muscles before or after sporting events, or need help with a certain injury, I offer personalized sports massages in Widnes that ensure your muscles function at an optimal standard. I have over 20 years of therapeutic experience and cater to both casual gym-goers and professional athletes, always amending treatment by individual needs. We will undertake a biomechanical assessment at the start of our time together to create the best possible manual therapy plan for you.

Please keep reading for a more detailed breakdown of how I provide sports massages in Widnes.


To understand the exact kind of treatment your body needs, we will go through a biomechanical assessment together. If you have a specific injury, for example, my work will involve learning about the origin of the problem and its severity, ahead of coming up with a bespoke treatment. You might be suffering from stiffness and as a result, need to be stretched and moved around in a certain way, or perhaps just want to lower your body’s overall stress levels. Whatever your needs may be, we will look at your situation in detail and come up with the right way to move forward.


Depending on your requirements, I will deliver a combination of deep tissue massage, trigger point release, and a series of stretches to stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph fluids, thereby easing tension in the muscles and allowing for faster recovery. The process will begin with slow strokes to prepare your body, followed by deeper techniques that manipulate the muscles and ending with cooling down techniques. I will also give you some advice on stretching and self-management, so you can maintain optimal condition after you leave the studio.


  • 20 minutes – £18
  • 30 minutes – £24
  • 45 minutes – £30
  • 60 minutes – £39
  • Dry Cupping Therapy – £35

Areas Sports Massage Can Help With


  • Relieve pain for pulled muscles, strains, and sprains
  • Reduce the risk of injury/re-injury
  • Bolster mobility, range of movement, and strength more rapidly following injuries or musculoskeletal surgery
  • Stay injury-free and in top condition


  • Relieve aches and pains
  • Remove ‘knots’ and stiffness in your shoulders and neck area
  • Improved postural awareness
  • Reduce the muscular tension that builds up due to day-to-day stress

Please get in touch if you are interested in receiving a bespoke sports massage in Widnes that allows you to maintain peak performance.