Daisy Chain Holistics


My Story

My journey in holistic therapies started in 2001 when I received an Indian Head Massage and fell in love with the way it gave me a feeling of balance in my mind and body. After that, I trained as a massage therapist and also qualified as a beautician 16 years ago, and continue to expand my knowledge to help as many people as possible. This includes additional services like pregnancy massages, chakra balancing, and much more.

I have always been amazed by the power of complementary therapies. For example, when my eldest son broke his arm at the age of five, there appeared to be no helpful treatment – until, that is, I turned to sports massages. And as someone who has given bespoke sports massages for over a decade, usually working with local rugby teams, I have seen first-hand how effective they are for bringing people back into top condition.

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